Hello and welcome to my website! I graduated from LSU last year with a degree in marketing. After graduation, I spent the whole summer traveling. I went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I traveled around the states. And I ended the summer in Europe. My dad took me to see Italy and France. It was a dream come true and I was able to put off the job hunt for a few more months. It was a win win.

After my travels I moved back home to New Orleans, where I tried finding a job. I went on a handful of interviews, but the job market was proven to be tough. I began freelance marketing for some amazing companies,  including Rixen Jewelry, Bryan’s United Air Conditioning, and River Beats. I gained self-taught experience and was able to expand on the marketing skills I learned in school all while using my creativity. I currently still work with Rixen Jewelry.

Fast forward to May 2017. My boyfriend, Matt, received a promotion, and we made the decision to move from Louisiana to Arlington, VA. I am so happy to be in a place like Arlington. Everyone here is friendly and motivated to be successful. There is so much opportunity for me here. There is the big city of Washington D.C. and the mountains of Virginia. Being from the flat state of Louisiana, I am beyond excited to be by mountains and cannot wait to go hiking.

I developed this website solely to teach myself how to use WordPress, but now I find how much I enjoy creating content. So this website is a way for me to share my photographs, recipes I develop, trips I take, and much more. I hope you enjoy this page, and enjoy watching it grow.

I recently added some recipes to the site! Check them out —>

About my cooking:

My family owns a restaurant in New Orleans, Pascal’s Manale. It was established in 1913 and has stayed in my family for all 104 years. My dad is the chef and I have grown up working in the kitchen. Moreover, my sister is a chef in the making. She graduated from Chef John Folse culinary school and has studied under Chef Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. Although I am not classically trained in cooking, I do have a background and a passion for it. I love to cook and want to share with you the recipes I make, tips on being healthy, and simple recipes anyone can do.

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